Monday, October 12, 2015

Showcase: Cult Mechanicus Kastelan Robots

While the Skitarii are the scuttling hordes which precede a massive onslaught from the Tech Priests of Mars, the Cult Mechanicus units provide the heavy covering fire and necessary long-range punch needed to advance your army across the battlefield. 

I decided to stick to the Mars color pattern for the time being because I wanted to have a nice cohesive army scheme. I started with the Kastelan Robots since they seemed nice and bulky; easy to paint right? Turns out, they are! 

Like many others out there I can't make up my mind about the dome head piece. I think after staring at it for a while I've decided that I don't hate it, but I do think it was a moderately poor design choice. I've left mine pretty blank for now but intend to give it some scuff on the final pass of touch-ups and overall weathering details. 


Cult Mechanicus: Kastelan Robots 

There are two variants of the model, ranged and close-quarters, and I built one of each. The above model was built with a set of twin-linked phosphor blasters and a shoulder-mounted incendine combustor. Below is the variant with powerfists and a shoulder-mounted phosphor blaster.

I'm still continuing to refine my basic shading and edging skills, but those first round of Space Marines sure look like total junk compared to these guys. But, I know I still have a long way to go for true presentation level. For now, these are starting to look pretty decent for tabletop-worthy.  

Any tips, comments, questions or discussions are always welcome. 

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